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Yahoo Messenger Final Version

Sudah lebih seminggu aku tak update blog ni. Aku terlalu sibuk dengan exam yang ada. Nak kata study tak. Entah la. Ok la. Hari ni aku nak suruh korang update korang punye YM. Sesiapa yang masih memakai YM versi 9 tu, bawak-bawak la update. Pada yang dah pakai YM versi 10 beta, yang ni yang dah final version.

Jika sebelum ni aku ada bagi link download untuk YM 10 beta dan YM for Vista. Versi terkini ini adalah untuk versi Pada sesiapa yang telah memakainya, bagus!! Korang memang up-to-date. Versi ini juga telah memperbaiki bug-bug yang ada, termasuk fungsi video call yang agak kurang stabil untuk versi yang lepas.

Pada pengguna Windows 7, Versi ini adalah serasi dengan Windows 7.

Dibawah ni ada sedikit ucapan dari blog Yahoo! Messenger.

High-quality video calls
We’ve completely redesigned our 1:1 webcam feature (under the hood too). Now you can make a high-quality video call to a friend with synched audio, right in the IM window. Features include the ability to swap video windows, position the video windows side-by-side, mute the call or place it on hold. You can even go full-screen with your video call. To get started, click the new “Video Call” button in the IM window (your friend also needs to be on Yahoo! Messenger 10). Tips for making video calls | Having fun with video effects

New “Y! Updates” view of your contact list
People are busy these days, doing all sorts of interesting things online. To help you keep up with your friends, we added an alternate view of your contact list that shows a real-time stream of their updates, including Messenger status message changes. If they’ve opted-in to share their updates via Yahoo!, you’ll be able to see what they’re saying on Twitter, reading on Yahoo! Buzz, listening to on last.fm, and more.

We also added additional features for how and when you see your friends’ updates. When a new update comes in, a “toast” alert will pop up in the lower right corner of your screen. If you want to disable these, go to Messenger > Preferences > Yahoo! Updates. You can turn alerts on and off and even update preferences by contact or by type of update.

Find more to chat about
Within the new “Yahoo! Updates” view, you’re sure to find more to talk about with your friends. To make it easy, we added a hover menu that lets you quickly IM a friend about their update. When you do, the update appears inline in the conversation window, so when you start your IM with “I can’t believe you like this song!”, your friend will know what you’re talking about. Note that your friend needs to also be on Yahoo! Messenger 10 to see the update inline.

Change your language easily
If you use the U.S. version but wish it could be in your local language, you’re in luck. When you start up Yahoo! Messenger 10, you’ll notice a new language menu on the sign-in screen. Choose from 16 different languages and the buttons, menus and various parts of the interface will change to that language. If you’re already signed in, you can also change your language under Messenger > Preferences > Language (you’ll have to restart Yahoo! Messenger for it to take effect).


Online Installer

Memerlukan talian internet untuk proses pemasangan.


Offline Installer

Tidak memerlukan talian internet untuk proses pemasangan.File boleh disimpan untuk digunakan pada masa lain.


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